Saturday, July 12, 2008

McSame - Ready on Day One to be Completely Half-Assed

Does Gramps McSame realize that the presidency involves more than just gathering with generals and pushing troop figurines around a big world map? At best, the man seems to want to be someone's Secretary of War, and would prefer all these other matters to be someone else's problem.

If we're supposed to be in such awe of McSame's decades and decades of experience in the Congress, then shouldn't we be put off when he can't recall how he has voted or the reasoning behind the votes? To say this is a small issue is not only false but it begs the question: it is not a small matter for a great many people, it is a matter that the next president will need to address one way or another, and incidentally, it is important to advocates who differ sharply with each other. Whose side is he on? Is there any indication that he actually takes a side? Or even knows what the sides are?

We really, really, really don't need another under-engaged, under-informed, lackadaisical president. I would actually prefer a hardliner with whom I disagree on this matter -- say, Mike Huckabee or Gary Bauer, men who, for all their faults, at least understand the issue -- to what we see here, which is someone who plainly doesn't want to deal with it, and who just wants someone to supply him with a phrase, any phrase, to repeat that will make the reporter move on to a different topic.


Thomas said...

Oh man, that's the first I've heard of McCain being labeled McSame. Talk about perfect.

Dale said...

Thomas, it was only a matter of time. ;-)

I want to state clearly that I didn't come up with the "McSame" meme. Come to think of it, I'm not sure who did, and I'm not even sure where I heard it first.

But if the shoe fits ...