Thursday, July 31, 2008

Oliver Stone - W is for Why?

Speaking as a fan of depressing films, this just won't do. The trouble is, we've seen this movie. All of us have seen it played endlessly in nightmares and in the nightmare that is the nightly news.

There's not enough room for critical distance here. Winter Light isn't enjoyable when you're truly concerned about the prospect of nuclear Armageddon; The Proposition isn't enjoyable when you're stuck in the wilds with bandits all around; Arachnophobia isn't enjoyable at all, and least of all when your house is actually overtaken with aggressive spiders; Funny Games isn't enjoyable when you have houseguests who won't leave; The Silence of the Lambs isn't enjoyable when you're being fitted for the bite-mask, or needing to affix one to someone in your close circles.

No one wants to see his real afflictions on the big screen.

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