Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"Our" Tribalism

In an earlier post, I suggested it would be interesting to see how Keith Olbermann responds to the lashing he received from Glenn Greenwald et. al. over first equating telecommunications immunity with "textbook ... Fascism" and then praising Barack Obama's "courage" for supporting it.

Well, it hasn't turned out to be very interesting, depending, of course, on what you count as interesting. Last night, Olbermann devoted one of his "Special Comments" to the subject, and it was, on the whole, an embarrassment. Notwithstanding a few nice turns of phrase and a few shrewd insights, it was a muddle of special pleading, wishful thinking, and bologna-slicing, as ably explained by Ed Brayton.

I continue to say Keith Olbermann does good work and provides needed balance to televised coverage of political affairs, but this won't do. We need sober and principled analysis of politicians and policies, not the substitution of one man-crush for another. Tribalism on behalf of "our" tribe is still tribalism.

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