Thursday, July 17, 2008

Parodies (and things we wish were parodies)

I'm at the far end of the North American land mass, so I always get the New Yorkers a few days after they break news, stir controversies, or otherwise rivet the national discourse. And so it is with the edition featuring the surprisingly infamous Obama parody, which just arrived today. Gazing upon it as it sits in my very hands, I find I care about the Terrible Outrage it represents even less than I did a few days ago when the wave of collective nausea, hysteria, flatulence, and barking madness first began. Sigh.

I suspect it's probably a net gain for Obama since it gives him one more opportunity to tell people -- are you listening, West Virginia, I'm looking right at you -- that he is a Christian, not a Muslim. Obama was never a Muslim. He never attended a Muslim school. He swore in to the Senate with his hand on a Bible. He and his wife are as American as apple pie, baseball, fast food, terrible blockbuster movies, and chicken-fried [name your meat]. He recites the Pledge of Allegiance as often and as passionately as anyone.

The New Yorker cover is a parody. It could probably have been done better, but I've seen far worse. Again, sigh.

Now this is something else altogether:

Sadly, this is not a parody. It is an actual piece of campaign material used in a race in Oklahoma.


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