Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Reason to Stay Alive Through August: New Stereolab

Stereolab will be releasing a new album on August 19 (August 18 worldwide) titled "Chemical Chords." Here's the promising-sounding song list:

01 Neon Beanbag
02 Three Women
03 One Finger Symphony
04 Chemical Chords
05 The Ecstatic Static
06 Valley Hi!
07 Silver Sands
08 Pop Molecule (Molecular Pop 1)
09 Self Portrait with "electric brain"
10 Nous Vous Demandons Pardon
11 Cellulose Sunshine
12 Fractal Dream Of A Thing
13 Daisy Click Clack
14 Vortical Phonotheque

I've never even heard "Valley Hi!," "Fractal Dream Of A Thing," or "One Finger Symphony" but they're already three of my favorite songs.

Until then, here's the Stereolab song "Brakhage" joined with visuals by Stan Brakhage himself.

Elegant and vicious: " ... we need so damn many things to keep our dazed lives going."

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