Monday, July 7, 2008

Rick Fleharty Challenged!

Ponca Citian and inevitable POTUS Rick Fleharty is quite possibly not the weirdest person running for president:

Daniel Kingery, 47, has problems with the Constitution he swore to defend when he was a U.S. Marine. The foundation of America, he said, is the Declaration of Independence, and he would return to that document to help us dump Congress in order to let the people themselves serve as the legislative branch of government.

The deepest and most novel thinker of the three, Kingery keeps his campaign afloat by selling off personal goods. He swapped a CD player for tires for his 1986 Crown Victoria (with 183,000 miles) ...
It would be interesting to follow up with this Kingery fellow on his ideas about the legislative branch and the Declaration of Independence. On second throught, no. No it wouldn't. It wouldn't be interesting at all, not even if you threw in three full sets of tires for a Crown Victoria.

Rick Fleharty must be smarting over the Crown Victoria guy being named "deepest and most novel thinker" of the three crackpots featured, despite a solid effort:
Rick Fleharty, 50, said that "the country is in a world of hurt" and that America has changed from a "we and us" country to "me and I." He would cure America's ills as president by banning imports and immigrants.
Proclaiming a "world of hurt" doesn't appear to be the rhetorical winner Rick was hoping for.

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Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

When I saw the headline on the posting I thought "yes, I know Fleharty's challenged, but isn't great that such a challenged fellow can run for President of America?"

But, hey three challenged fellows running? What a country!

Altho, what sort of a country are we that a man with a gray Prince Valiant haircut can't have a real shot at the Presidency? Seems like we're not living up to our promise. Or something