Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tri-Met Rules Haiku

This could be fun: a contest sponsored by Tri-Met for the best five-word answer to the question

What do you think about while riding the bus downtown?
The prize is more bus riding in the form of an all-zone monthly pass.

Enter early and enter often, and feel free to leave your best entries in the comments to this post, where a potential worldwide audience (actual audience of 12 or so) will see them.

A few I'll be chipping in. I've allowed myself to count contractions as just one word:
  • Why is that man vomiting?
  • How many stops until air?
  • I'd rather pretend that's pudding


Mike said...

How about....

"Getting tattooed there must hurt."

"What does a Segway cost?"

"Hopefully I will be ejected."

"The voices say 'get naked'."

"I hope that is dead."

"Another definition of 'moving violation'."

Feel free to use any of them if you wish,Dale.

Mike said...

I can't stop......

"That guy sure likes pills."

"Do I smell yeast infection?"

"I thought pimps had cars."

"The driver looks like Elvis."

"How many airborne pathogens today?"

Dale said...

Mike, I'm going to turn a few of those in. I especially like "How many airborne pathogens today?"


Mike said...

It's becoming a problem....

"I can always breathe later."

"I should update my immunizations."

"The seat just changed color."

"Who knew vinyl was edible?"

"That should cough up eventually."

"Enough communicable diseases for everyone!"