Friday, July 11, 2008

Whiner Nation

No wonder John McSame needs a hug:

[O]ne of his top economic advisers was quoted Thursday as saying that the United States was only in a “mental recession” and that it had become a “nation of whiners.”

The adviser, former Senator Phil Gramm, Republican of Texas, sought to clarify his remarks Thursday by saying he had been referring only to some of the nation’s leaders.
Uh, yea. That stuff about "some of the nation's leaders" might be believeable if Phil Gramm didn't have such a pronounced track record of hectoring the poor and fawning over the wealthy. Gramm spent years in the Senate building up a distinguished record of lying and cheating, rarely missing an opportunity to flap his Texas-sized jowls about all the wasteful government spending going to non-Texas states.

Gramm is a far-right loon whose centrality to the McSame campaign explodes the McCain-as-moderate myth. I don't say this often -- in fact it might be the first time ever -- but Gramm is so far out in right field, I wish he could be more like Jesse Helms.


larryniven said...

No, yeah, but see, that makes him a patriot: he believes that there's something wrong with America, he believes he knows what it is, and he believes how to fix it (and, apparently, isn't bashful about letting everyone else know). This is just like why Obama hates America: he thinks we're flawed, he thinks he knows better than we do how to run our country, and he's unpatriotic enough to say this stuff out loud. So, you know, whatever this guy said, it only makes McCain a stronger candidate for office, cause it means he loves America more.

Dale said...

Larry Niven, you might have a future as a well-paid right-wing pundit. You perceive that no matter what set of facts are under discussion, they are properly interpreted to illustrate the humility, decency, and above all, the rugged maverick-ness of John McSame.

Well done. Have you applied at FoxNews?

Ian McCullough said...

Larry, I still haven't read Ringworld - I'm really sorry, I know I promised at WesterCon 1995, but you probably don't remember due to the pain medication you were taking for your back.