Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Your Tax Dollars In Church

Barack Obama seems intent on genuflecting to churchy conservative types, but I continue to wonder if the would-be church-state fusionists should be careful what they ask for:

Obama, a former community organizer in Chicago, would create a new White House office for the President's Council for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships ... [he] called for rules to ensure that the council wouldn't breach the constitutionally mandated separation of church and state. Federal money could only be spent on non-religious activities and groups couldn't discriminate when deciding who will get their aid ... Any groups receiving money would have to demonstrate the effectiveness of their programs, his campaign said. [emphases mine]
Do churches and other religious entities really want taxpayer dollars badly enough to give up their manipulative proselytizing, faith-based discrimination (what else is a sect but organized faith-based discrimination?), and, Zeus forbid, demonstrable effectiveness?

Do they really want to participate in IRS audits verifying the above?

I don't really care if religious institutions survive or not, but church-state separation tends to protect the churches from the state as much as or more than it protects the state from the churches.

If I were to indulge my cynicism, I would equate Obama's pandering on this matter with that hailing from the Bush White House and the McSame campaign: fuzzy, pleasant-sounding grunts that cuddle, puff and flatter voters' private creeds and affiliations. It would be a real shame, my more cynical side might continue, if they got exactly what they asked for.


: JustaDog said...

Both Obama and McCain represent the same old Washington DC mentality:

Make government BIGGER, more controlling, and take away freedom from the people.

So much for Obama-topia.

The Ranting Student said...

Make government BIGGER, more controlling, and take away freedom from the people.

...And a bigger amount of that would be called Totalitarianism...

and I don't necessarily believe churches/christian organizations would really follow the rules of the law they're given...