Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Algorithms for Spam, Recipes for Spam

I can't possibly be the only one who sees content-sensitive google ads for spam (the terrifying canned meat) when I go to my gmail folder for spam (the tedious e-mails promising enlarged body parts and bank accounts). Right?

Here's wikipedia's priceless disambiguation page on which we see that the word spam has taken on quite a storied career in our English since at least 1937, when Hormel first gave the name to the meaty offal they had crammed into cans.

Hey googles, that algorithm that selects content-sensitive ads could use some work. I am not looking for ways to dispense with my potted meat when I click over to empty out the genitals-embiggening, Nigerian bank accounts folder.

1 comment:

Gosh said...

I wish something could be done about this. It is not that you can delete them all in one foul swoop for fear of deleting an odd one of importance.