Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Borders is "Probably" Worthless, or, A Stereolab-Related Lament

This being release day in the USA for the new Stereolab album, Chemical Chords (amazon), I took time from my ongoing dawdling to seek a copy of the CD at the downtown Portland Borders book and music and coffee and cards and magazines and etcetera store. I fully expected to pay the fullest possible retail, but being one of the last seven or eight suckers people who actually buys music CDs, and being a sucker for big fan of Stereolab, I was willing to pay it.

Alas it was not on the shelves. It was not to be found on the shelf touting new releases, nor was it in the Stereolab tab of the pop/rock section. I wandered around looking lost, but on this day, the several dozen store employees who fill their work hours doing goodness-knows-what were in full cockroach mode, fleeing the sight of me. I checked their "title sleuth" kiosk, which is a poorly-concealed PC running a web browser attached to the Borders store database, which cheerfully assured me that the CD was "probably in stock" or words to that effect, words I found to be more than "probably" unhelpful.

I bought the CD from another store, one that does actually give the impression of trying to sell music to the last few of us who buy it: Everyday Music on Burnside. They not only had it, but at a reasonable price, and in exactly the spot in the store where one would expect to find it -- filed under Stereolab in pop/rock.

I expect to have these fourteen new songs permanently stored in my mental inventory of Stereolab by this time tomorrow. I expect also to find less and less reason to enter Borders from this point forward, "probably" no reason at all, unless I'm just feeling especially self-hating (which usually impels me to enter Ross instead).

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