Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dotard in Chief?

Under Arizona law, Justices to the state's Supreme Court are required to retire at age 70.

John McCain represents the state of Arizona in the US Senate.

John McCain is 71 years old
, and he'll turn 72 on August 29, still two months and change before the election. Something tells me the McSame campaign won't be making a big fuss over this particular birthday.

It would be ageist by definition simply to connect the dots and declare McCain unsuitable for the presidency based on the sheer vastness of his age. Granted, he comes across as spry and lively for a man of that extremely advanced age.

Were the above the only dots to connect, it would be mere ageism. But there are more dots afoot, such as McCain's proclivity for getting things wrong, often very basic things.

Again, perhaps I'm being unfair: perhaps it has nothing to do with age. Perhaps McCain has been getting things flatly wrong for years.

Update: Josh Marshall has quite a video compilation.

(via Sullivan)

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