Monday, August 11, 2008

The Drama We All Missed

Apparently the Olympics men's 4x100 freestyle relay was something to behold, with the Americans breaking the world record by four seconds(!) and other teams finishing ahead of the one-day-old world record.

In its time-delay broadcast wisdom, NBC aired it very, very late last night. They chose to fill prime-time with Chinese women's gymnastics and Chinese women's synchronized diving, and used the 4x100 as the "coming up next!" teaser. I haven't found a single person who managed to stay up late enough to watch it as it aired, but it is possible to watch the video of it. I guess that's something.

And by the way, if all of the Chinese gymnasts are 16, I must be behind the curve -- I was not aware that 10 is the new 16. This changes a great many things! Not that China is the only country that seems to be gaming this, but please. (image source)

And I certainly don't say this from nationalism -- I could not care less who wins the women's gymnastics competition. My only desire concerning women's gymnastics is that it be removed from my tee-vee forthwith.

Call me a snot, but 45lb. women freak me out. And cartwheels, however elaborate, have long since lost their charm. I think those girls need to stop the tumbling and eat a sandwich.

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