Friday, August 29, 2008

Guys Tangled Up in Blue?

I just heard something that suggests I may have found a new folly to watch for: I overheard a guy report with seeming embarrassment that he would have to wear a blue shirt over blue pants today. I looked, and the blue pants in question were rather typical looking blue jeans. And then another guy chimed in rather uncertainly with, "well, don't feel bad, I am wearing blue and blue today too" or words to that effect. It was talked about almost as though they were talking about having backed over some kittens on the way in to town.

Do guys generally believe that blues don't go together? Do I need to call in the Queer Eye for the Straight Eye cast and stage an intervention?

What ever happened to that show anyway? Not that I ever watched.

Not that there's anything wrong with watching it.

After this, over the course of what seemed like ten minutes but may have been as many as twelve minutes, I checked around for guys who were wearing blue on blue, and didn't see many. As a rule, do guys think putting blues with blues is a fashion minefield akin to putting reds with reds or greens with greens or yellows with yellows?

For the record, fellow guys: it's very difficult to clash with shades of blue. I won't say it's impossible, but it's not easy. Blues get along with other shades of blue quite happily, and the darker blues are considered neutral, much like browns, tans, grays, or blacks.

Not that there's anything wrong with knowing this.

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