Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Handy Resources for Obama Supporters

The ever-indispensable Media Matters has assembled an interesting interactive tool providing context and corrections to the smears currently arrayed against Barack Obama, "Swiftboating 2.0":

As the means of communication have evolved, presidential campaigns have grown increasingly multifaceted, with each election featuring layers of complexity that were not present four years before. The most striking feature of the 2008 election may be the sheer volume and variation of the attacks being directed at Sen. Barack Obama. Though they come from many sources, arrive through a variety of media, and cover a wide range of subjects, a close examination reveals a unified thematic structure to these attacks.
Here is the interactive version. Here is the text-only version.

Of course the Obama campaign maintains its own site dedicated to counteracting the massive waves of bullshit coming from the right, Fight the Smears.

There may be valid reasons for voting for McCain over Obama, but surely any self-respecting voter will make the choice based on the best available information, not a pack of distortions.

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