Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hood to Coast 2008 - Sloppy Wet?

The current 10-day forecast (via) for this general vicinity calls for rain today, rain tomorrow, and clearing Friday, but since weather forecasting has not advanced beyond coin-tossing, entrails-reading, darts-thrown-at-a-wall-of-balloons, or similar forms of sheer guessing for this general vicinity, we must face the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad prospect of a wet, sloppy, rainy Hood to Coast 2008, which begins Friday and carries into Saturday.

Or would it be so terrible? Running in the rain is a joy, but of course, the H2C is more about the 20+ hours spent not running -- time spent festering in a minivan with five increasingly foul-smelling teammates, trying but failing to catch some sleep, wishing there was something to eat other than the meager provisions you thought sounded good a day before, gazing upon the spectacle as a whole and marveling at its defiance of common sense. It's exactly like Cormac McCarthy's The Road only with more people, more minivans, fewer makeshift weapons, fewer rickety shopping carts, slightly less rummaging and pilfering, and a medal and team photo at the end instead of [++++++++++++++++ SPOILER ALERT ++++++++++++++++] the death of your sole companion followed by adoption by a new family of wandering survivors.

[++++++++++++++++ END SPOILER ALERT ++++++++++++++++]

As I was saying, will it be so terrible to have a H2C in the rain and mud? It would tend to keep us inside the vans more and wandering around less. I would expect a musty rain or 'wet dog' smell to mingle with the sweat-and-topical-analgesic mix we can already anticipate. I would expect a pervasive wetness to seize everything inside the van and out, thus an increased risk of chafing. There would be selective pressures favoring rain-resistant clothes, rain-resistant sleeping bags, and tents. I would expect greater urgency to the comments, facial expressions, and body language asking "Now why again are we putting ourselves through this?"

Bring the rain!


Art and Poetry said...

You have an interesting blog!!

Dale said...

A&P, thanks for the comment -- I am taking "interesting" in a positive light. ;-)