Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hood to Coast: Tents are an Abomination

I hate to be a buzz-kill for people who love tents, but it turns out that tents are forbidden in the Hood to Coast:

Teams or participants found using tents at designated sleeping areas will be asked to dismantle them and risk dq. Tents take up valuable space for others to sleep.
I think dq is shorthand for disqualification. I can understand the desire not to type that whole word -- it's very wearying, which is to say, wryg (also a common Welsh word for all I know; more on what I know and don't know presently).

Unlike so many of the commandments of Leviticus and Deuteronomy, which set forth dq-worthy offenses without providing a rationale -- don't eat owls, period; stone disobedient children to death, period -- it's nice that the Hood to Coast rule-makers see fit to provide a reason for their rules. Tents take up valuable space, they say, and that's why we will dq your sorry butt -- nay, your entire team's entire sorry butt! -- if you dare use one.

I felt it my duty to bring attention to this rule for anyone out there using this blog as a primary source of information about the Hood to Coast. Speaking of whom, anyone using this blog as a primary source of information about the Hood to Coast should stop doing that and use the official site instead. I have no idea what I'm talking about! Just yesterday I was blabbering on about tents as though their use would not risk dq!

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