Saturday, August 9, 2008

John Edwards. Yawn.

What does John Edwards' romantic-sexual history have to do with the price of tea state of human rights in China? Or with abuses of power closer to home? Or with anything else of any consequence -- like, say, stirrings of war between Russia and Georgia?

Nothing. Edwards has not been a presidential candidate for several months, and has not been a senator for several years. It seems he is another rich, famous, charismatic fellow who strayed from his wife and did not, in all instances, tell the truth about it.

He didn't even do us the favor of making it interesting in the ways moralistic right wingers so often do -- Edwards didn't bloviate endlessly about the "sanctity" of marriage, and had an affair with a mere woman of consenting age. No crack dealers, transvestites, teenage boys, airport restrooms, or farm animals were involved. Democrats just have no knack for these titillations.


Anonymous said...

Now it's time for all good liberals to "think about the children," specifically John Edwards' newest baby girl...John, John!!! It's not about's about the child! This child needs food, clothing, shelter, medical care, education, a father figure (try hard on this one, John), and a moral compass (might want to pass on this one, John).

I have only two words of advice for Rielle Hunter: "Gloria Allred". You need a shark with a heart. She will help you, just google her.

Hmmmm……so John Edwards thinks he’s off the hook!!! I’ll bet half of his interview on Nightline was a lie. You know darn well that he had sex with Rielle Hunter the last time in Beverly Hills…and, now he’s lying about holding up his new baby girl in the National Enquirer photo… On Nightline, Edwards said that he has "no idea" where the photo came from or who is in it. Is this idiot for real? This guy is just a pathological liar!!! It’s so rare to see one on tape! John Edwards doesn’t have to agree to a paternity test….the child support judge is going to demand it. Get busy!!

Now, for all you John Edwards supporters who are let down…what in the hell were you thinking? Couldn’t you spot this phony the second you saw him? I did. Edwards made his money suing doctors!!!!! He is a professional liar….just like Obama!!! You’re all smucks!!!

Obviously Obama knew about the allegations against Edwards for a long time. If Obama didn’t, then he’s a dope! So, right up until Friday, Edwards was still on the short list for VP.

Yes, this whole “affair” shows that Obama is stupid and needs vetting team (not sleaze hiders) for the VP spot! Now, let's show that Obama knew about the affair and still wanted Edwards.

Dale said...

Anon., you certainly are well-versed in the details of John Edwards' sexual history. Are you similarly briefed on the specifics of how John McCain -- who IS a presidential candidate representing the party of Christian moral values -- drop-kicked his first wife and family? Not that it matters much to me, all things equal, but these matters seem highly pertinent to you, based on your comment.

Also, you seem to be an excellent mind-reader. You *know*, for example, that Obama knew of Edwards' infidelity. How do you *know* he knew of it?

For that matter, you seem to *know* that Edwards remained on Obama's VP short list until very recently. I've seen this reported, but only as a matter of speculation, as Obama has not actually spoken publicly about his VP short list.

I can only wonder at what it must be like to have your mind-reading talents. I suspect it must be confusing at times.

Last but not least, my apologies to you on behalf of all Democrats for not nominating John Edwards. I can only imagine the orgy of schadenfreude that would be erupting right now in right wing circles. But alas, Edwards is and has been marginal to this presidential election.

Alas, he is not a candidate for anything. He holds no office. He seems to have a few marital problems. Yawn.