Monday, August 11, 2008

McSame Opposes Reproductive Freedom

It should be noted by people who care about abortion rights, family planning, and continuing access to contraception that John McCain has a consistent "pro-life" voting record. His phony maverick persona tends to obscure the fact that he is very much an orthodox Republican when it comes to reproductive freedoms:

According to one poll, about half of all women voters backing McCain said they were pro-choice, including 36 percent who say they strongly support Roe. More importantly, these women voters think that McCain might agree with them on abortion. The same research found that "more than seven in ten pro-choice McCain supporters ... have yet to learn that McCain's position on abortion is directly at odds with their own." And the issue is not that they don't care.
To whatever extent abortion politics matters to you as a voter, do understand that one candidate, John McCain, is pledged to see Roe v. Wade overturned, while the other candidate, Barack Obama, is pledged to see it upheld.

(Via Matt Yglesias, who is now blogging here.)

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