Saturday, August 16, 2008

Misplaced Pastor

For some reason, Pastor Rick Warren had the honor this evening of officiating a quasi-debate between Barack Obama and John McCain. I did not watch it, but Andrew Sullivan live-blogged it here and here, and provided some reader reactions here.

In a sense, it's appropriate that a pastor who promotes a religious creed that tells Americans that god loves us no matter what we do should preside over an event in which presidential candidates assure Americans that god loves us no matter what we do.

In a deeper, truer sense, it's a disgrace that this pious fraud should presume to insert himself into American politics at so exalted a level.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm impressed that you know Rick Warren well enough to give us the scoop that he's a pious fraud. What do you know about him personally that will help us make an informed opinion on this charlatan. We wait with bated breath.


Thomas said...

I agree with you, but you gotta admit Warren is worlds better than Falwell or Robertson.

Dale said...

Thomas, no, not really. I'd go for "slightly better," but not "worlds better." He doesn't speak with that annoying southern accent that Pat Robertson, Falwell, and so many other brand-name hucksters-for-Jesus use, but beneath the avuncular presentation lurks a very similar right wing agenda: creationism / anti-evolution, anti-abortion, anti-gay. Maybe he cares a little more about addressing poverty and climate change than your average Christianist pastor -- maybe, or maybe not. After all, Pat Robertson shows up in advertising campaigns for raising awareness of climate change, and they all bleat about the poor from time to time.

I appreciate your comment.