Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nazir's Nadir

In reply to an earlier post on punishing women for the "crime" of being raped, a commenter I'll call Nazir has a lot to say, some of which makes just enough sense to justify a response.

the learned author has in mistaken impression tried to join the circumstancial occasioning and theology together while commenting on the sex abuse of afgan woman.
Thanks for calling me learned, but I was not the one who joined the theology, the sex abuse, and the jailing together. Instead, the Afghan Colonel quoted in The Independent did all the joining, and I commented on it. Continuing Nazir verbatim:
the woman by nature is sex inclined which all religions including christainity and islam had never denied to her.
How generous of Christianity and Islam to let human nature be what it is! Yes, not just the women but also the men of our species are what you might label "sex inclined," but to say that Islam and Christianity never denied this is an odd statement. Christianity and Islam acknowledge it only to go to great lengths to quash it -- including, to circle back to the present case, the barbarous practice of punishing women for engaging in it at all, even when they had it forced on them. Continuing:
However; in Islam the regularised marriages with breeding the families is the concept which in broader turn means the creating and breeding a responsible society.this; inspite if someone or whole muslims involve themselves into adultry that shall not defat what theoogy had preached.
Whatever all that might mean, how would it justify jailing a woman who had been raped? Continuing:
the free sex concept which also includes extra-marital relations is barred by all religions including christainity and Islam.In islam the woman is not treated a mere sex object but a responsible nodle home point to integrate the family system.
Whatever all that might mean, how would it justify jailing a woman who had been raped? Are you suggesting a woman who has been raped is no longer capable of serving her required Islamic role as a "nodle home point to integrate the family system"? That her "family system" would be better served if she wasted away in jail? How so? What is the evidence for this claim? Look no further for evidence -- gesture vaguely toward Europe and issue the standard cliches:
the said system incidentaly has failed in europe where woman are treated nothing but sex choice and mostly marriage institution got abolished. Extra-marital relations proved medically fatal; although; bigoted books{as held by athiests} had already prohibited sex comcept had serious social consequences and impacts for which european countries take help of sociologists to educate their people to have serious marital relationships and bring up homes.
To summarize that: from one end of the continent of Europe to the other, apparently because women are not jailed after they're raped according to Abrahamic standards, women are treated as nothing but sex toys (implying, apparently, that women even treat themselves and other women as sex toys and only as sex toys); marriage is fading and all but abolished; people are engaging in extra-marital sex and dropping like poisoned flies as a result; and sociologists are being called in as part of a last-ditch effort to salvage what's left of the family.

I haven't been to Europe in quite a while, but does that sound about right to any of my European readers?

And whatever that might mean -- whether my attempted summary does it justice or not -- how would it justify jailing a woman who had been raped? Suppose marriage is declining precipitously, that families are taking non-traditional forms, that extra-marital sex is happening on every clear stretch of sidewalk at all hours, that sociologists are commenting on all of the above, so what? Jailing women for being raped is still sheer savagery.

Besides which, didn't we already establish that women (and men) are "sex inclined" by nature? Is the world, for all this, running short of people? Is Europe, for all this, so terrible a place to be, and if so, why are so many people migrating there from Islamic societies? How is the standard of living so high?

What if -- and this is just a thought -- people in Europe are living the way they want to live, notwithstanding the barbaric barkings of centuries-old fables written by middle-eastern primitives?

Continuing Nazir:
the free sex concept looks irritant to disciplined lady in europe when her husband visits gay clubs or intends to go for gay marriages.
Let's stipulate this is so: that the typical European woman of today becomes irritated when her significant other visits gay clubs and/or marries a gay partner. It follows that the European woman in question has made a rather grave miscalculation about her boyfriend (sadly, it happens), and yet -- and yet -- because she is a free and autonomous individual, she can dump her gay-married boyfriend and move on! Isn't that nice? And no one needed to go to jail, have a limb hacked off in a football stadium, or otherwise pretend that backward fables bear on the situation.
The learned author felt emotionally strange not allowing afgan woman to go for open consented sex looking apparantly different from rape;but failed to appreciate that animal kingdom who had long back adopted free sex concept still limited their positions by not going homosexual; the sex trait ironically under advanced concept and away from God horror present society had legallised and accepted. thanks
I have a hard time making sense of that last part -- it seems to suggest that animals are never homosexual (false!) but have hindered their advancement, presumably to personhood, by practicing free sex. Um ... neat? What corner of the Koran was that bit of nonsense pulled from? Not that it matters, since the Koran does not matter, and not that the answer will foreseeably justify jailing a woman for having been raped.

No, Nazir, thank you.

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thanks; i have gone through your rebuttals.the disorderly sex evils pointed out by me were nerver intended to be shown in europe alone. it is prevelant everywhere as such i tried to generalise it. yet; most european legislatures legalised it.i may humbly remind you that when earlier turkish government trying to be european member imposed punishment for rape; the european union objected to it and the concrned constiututional clause was have shortened the discussion: whether rape alleged woman desreve jailing in islamic society/GOVERNANCE?SINCE; NEITHER AFGAN gOVERNMENT NOR any warring gropu has islamic governance as such replying the question does not arise. yet; in any civilised society where rape is termed as crime irrrespective of gender punishments are also prescribed.the consequential impact of free sex is quite evident in europe and elsewhere more interestingly;in united states voters are keen to understand the sex attitude of presidential and vice presidential condidates.Ms. sara the proposed vice presidential condidate is against gay marriages!what i stated is nothing but my attempt to state the evils of present day society. thanks