Friday, August 15, 2008

Ow! My Balls!

Columbus the cat's forcible emasculation went off without the slightest difficulty yesterday, and today he shows no signs that anything has happened. This is, of course, classic cat behavior -- refusing to show the slightest sign of weakness lest he open himself to incursions on his territory by rival cats, or risk ceding possession of an antelope carcass he'd previously dragged up a tree.

He's fine. He has no testicles. There shall be no Columbus Jr. except through the wonders of cloning, and there shall be no cloning.

Moments like these summon untoward thoughts, or so they do for me. It's a strange feeling to pull up to a veterinarian's office and realize that your cat's formerly attached bits are sitting somewhere in the medical waste bin. And to realize that with some effort, they could be found and examined.

For the record, I did not search for the detached bits.

P.S. Idiocracy is among the most significant documentaries of our time.

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