Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ponca City Makes the WaPo!

Well dog my cat! Ponca City, Oklahoma has been mentioned in a newspaper that is not printed in Ponca City, Oklahoma!

Who was Obama's mother? The shorthand version of the story has a woman from Kansas marrying a man from Kenya, but while Stanley Ann Dunham was born in Wichita in the fall of 1942, it is a stretch to call her a Jayhawk. After leaving Kansas when she was a youngster, she and her parents lived in Berkeley, Calif., for two years, Ponca City, Okla., for two years, and Wichita Falls, Tex., for three years before they ventured to the Seattle area. [emphasis mine]
For whatever it's worth, I probably would not have bothered typing out the whole of "Oklahoma" either -- I mean, why bother? People will have forgotten which state that is by the time they reach the "ma."

Behold the cities with which Ponca City is rubbing shoulders in that passage -- Wichita, Kansas; Berkeley, California; Wichita Falls, Texas; Seattle, Washington -- each and all places people have heard about! Well, except Wichita, Kansas and Wichita Falls, Texas. No one has heard of those.

That a prominent newspaper such as the Washington Post has, in at least an indirect way, acknowledged the existence of Ponca City, Oklahoma is almost the sort of small fact that can make the difference in a foreseeably close election. Almost.

(H/T to far-flung correspondent Shane)

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