Saturday, August 23, 2008

Prager Prates

Professional whiner Dennis Prager allows himself to face the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad prospect that there is no god, and pretends to mark the consequences, none of which deserve the pixels spent displaying them, but, well, what's stupid for if not rebutting?

3. Life is ultimately a tragic fare if there is no God. We live, we suffer, we die – some horrifically, many prematurely – and there is only oblivion afterward.
That's a rather stark way of putting it, but fair enough. That something is emotionally distressing does not make it false. A better way to think about the same reality is to recognize that we only have this little time with which to work, so we have to make the best of things -- relieve what suffering we can, right as many wrongs as we can, cancel as many tragedies as we can, live as fully as possible, leave a beautiful and/or interesting corpse.
4. Human beings need instruction manuals. This is as true for acting morally and wisely as it is for properly flying an airplane. One's heart is often no better a guide to what is right and wrong than it is to the right and wrong way to fly an airplane. The post-religious secular world claims to need no manual; the heart and reason are sufficient guides to leading a good life and to making a good world.
Sweet Jeebus H. Rove, where do I begin?!? I merely ask everyone to bookmark this spot on the internets for the sake of the next time you encounter the claim that believers don't treat the Bible (or the Koran) as some kind of authoritative "instruction manual" for life. Unaccountably prominent radio blatherer Dennis Prager just put the matter exactly that way: without following the assorted instructions set forth in the Bible, we're lost.

Poor pixels. They deserve better.

(via Ed Brayton)

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