Friday, August 29, 2008

Saddleback - Same Old Christianism

I've probably given Pastor Rick Warren more pixels than he deserves on this precious, precious blog, but for those who think he's some kind of departure from the Kulturkampf Christianism of Falwell, Robertson, Dobson, and the rest, it's worth noting the questions he chose to ask the presidential candidates -- and those he chose not to ask at the Saddleback Forum, in which McCain famously repeated his lie about a cross-in-the-dirt.

As shown in the transcripts (Obama, McCain), Pastor Rick hit on several hotbuttons of the Christian right: abortion (crocodile tears for blastocysts part I); gay marriage; stem cells research (crocodile tears for blastocysts part II); the concrete reality of evil, a way of fishing for the candidates to share his belief that the Devil himself walks among us and is currently reading The Nation or the New York Times; selection of Supreme Court Justices; the rights of faith-based organizations to receive federal funds while discriminating on religious grounds; merit pay for teachers, a way of fishing for support for "school choice," code for destroying public education; religious persecution in Iraq and China and Sudan, i.e., persecution of Christians in those places.

What topics did he not raise? Two big ones that allegedly distinguish him from the raving lunacy of the Christianist right: AIDS and climate change. He just couldn't find time to fit those in. In fact there was nothing about the environment on Pastor Rick's short list that evening. He also couldn't bring himself to mention torture. Or human rights. He did, I'll concede, kinda-sorta address poverty by asking a question about orphans living in faraway places.

In short, Pastor Rick's priorities as revealed in his choice of questions were exactly what we would expect from Falwell, Dobson, Hagee, Robertson, or any such wacko. He said what they'd say but without the southern accent.


: JustaDog said...


Same old anti-Christian, anti-morality, anti-child, anti-American Progressives!


Dale said...

justadog, Out of curiosity, does it physically hurt to type a comment as dumb and thoughtless as that one?