Saturday, August 2, 2008

Some Framing for Tomorrow's Sermon

Those of you attending an hour-long Christian sermon tomorrow morning may be edified to know that the god you're praising will decline to apply his reputed omniscience and omnibenevolence toward preventing the death of 114 people from malaria during that hour. This the per-hour average based on one million malaria deaths each year.

Malaria is, of course, a treatable and preventable illness. Most of the people who die from it are children.

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Aimee Brons said...

Thanks for touching on this issue Dale. To bring up a related point, the serge of fake antimalarials is unfathomable! Counterfeit drugs are making it hard to control Malaria and keep it treatable. Unfortunately, prayers and talking about it are not enough. The Roll Back Malaria Partnership website has information on how to donate to the cause.