Saturday, August 2, 2008

Two Miles, Over and Over

Today, under some of the best weather August could ever offer to Oregon, I completed the Rock'n Relay Marathon with the significant help of three friends, Theresa, Paul, and Kathi. The race organizers had the extremely helpful suggestion of breaking the 26.2 miles into discrete 2-mile segments and allowing us to take turns, and I have to say, this made it so much easier than running it all alone. Sometimes the best ideas are disarmingly simple.

The mathematically gifted among you might have been keen to the fact that something doesn't quite square in the math -- four teammates, two mile segments, twenty-six total miles. How? Each of us ran three two-mile legs apiece (3x4x2=24), and one lucky teammate -- yours truly, as it happens -- ran a fourth two-mile segment. I'm not entirely sure about the last two-tenths, or as it is officially measured, the 385 yards beyond mile 26. Everyone was eerily quiet about this last 385 yards, and maybe that's for the best.

Put differently, I completed four two-mile runs in the vicinity of Portland's Duniway Park and accompanied by the music of, among others, the Portland Cello Project. It's hard to praise either too highly.

I'm not accustomed to pacing myself for two-mile runs, but I appreciate how quickly they end. I am intrigued with this race format and would be interested in seeing what kinds of times teams of elite runners could achieve with it.


Doug said...

Congratulations from The Portland Cello Project on finishing your run!

(You run farther and faster than I can with or without a cello...)

-Douglas Jenkins

Dale said...

Doug, thanks for the music! We may not have been a very responsive audience, but the buzz was very strongly in your favor. You made a very good impression.