Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11: "for us the living"

Seven years on, the depraved followers of a filthy god who made this image possible hide in caves, where they continue to ululate gleefully over the pain they wrought. Their deeds provide a bracing reminder of the line separating civilization from barbarity, reason from fanaticism, conviction from reality, and sincerity from virtue.

At this scene of what holy "submission" can uphold, I recoil from Islam; and in the call to "love thy enemy" and "turn the other cheek," I recoil from Christianity. To followers of both who want to prevaricate, temporize, and equivocate over interpretation, I say: your books have spoken, and we have better books.

Seven years on, work and struggle still lie ahead. Civilization remains under threat by what has always undermined and opposed it.

1 comment: said...

9/11 is worst tragedy the human world had met.the three thousand people killed in that tragedy also belong to all religions of world including Islam.the desired and pre-notional american political propoganda that it was done at the behest of Islam is not only polorised view but also highly opportunistic view causing serious distortion of history.taking 9/11 an absolute criminal episode the criminals are never judged on the basis of their race and religion.the opposite side of this picture disfavours the american government miserabaly.assuming it was done by afgan millitants; the same millitants are nothing but the sole creation of american government who did welcome them as the warririors till soviet invasion was repulsed. however;in both situations anything done by them un-islamic shall not gain favour for them.on the name of democracy and wipe off terror government of sadam an uncalled for war was declared and fought by america at Iraq.the Iraq as of now is exremely worst than it used to be during Sadam period.things need to be seen in political perspective which political perspective is itself an independent crime away from religion. thanks