Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Almost One Dimension

[Update: Qualifications / corrections to this post have now been posted.]

Quelle surprise that when pressed on the matter, Sarah Palin can only name a single Supreme Court ruling, Roe vs. Wade. She can't come up with the key precedent to that, which her wingnut base is equally determined to overthrow, Griswold vs. Connecticut. She can't think of any others. None.

This is genuinely dumbfounding. She can't summon any of the others that have all but entered into the realm of idiom by now: Miranda? Brown vs. Board of Education? Plessy vs. Ferguson? Dred Scott? Marbury vs. Madison?

She can't name the ruling by which the current president was installed -- Bush vs. Gore?

At the risk of insulting gruel, that is some spectacularly thin, incurious, and disengaged gruel set before us and presented as a worthy vice president.

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