Monday, September 1, 2008

The American Political Spectrum vis-a-vis Science: U to Z

This clip features comedian Bill Maher interviewing Senator Mark Pryor, who is a Democrat -- the Democrats being the party of the liberal-left in the United States, the party that the American right routinely excoriates for being captive to godless, amoral secularism.


In related news, only the Democratic presidential candidate, Barack Obama, has seen fit to answer the ScienceDebate questionnaire put to the presidential hopefuls. McSame hasn't bothered; evidently he sees no political gain to be had from even pretending to give a damn about science. I think they are very good questions that deserve to be answered by anyone seeking the presidency and I hope the McCain campaign will answer.

Update (9/16/08): Both candidates have now answered, and both sets of answers can be seen side-by-side.


George Junior said...

That's Mark Pryor, isn't it?

Dale said...

Uh, yes. Mark, not David. Duh.

I've corrected it. Thanks!