Monday, September 15, 2008

An Encyclopedia of McCain's Lies

The Democrats have established a "McCainPedia" intended to catalog and document the fount of lies coming from the McCain campaign. That's one to bookmark.

The point of following such a thing is not to keep up with the details of every single lie, since it appears to be McCain's intention to spread so many lies and distortions that his opponents are hamstrung just trying to keep up. The point, instead, seems to be twofold: first, to provide a one-stop resource for people who may be unaware of the extent to which McCain is using deception as the centerpiece of his "honorable" attempt to win the presidency; and second, to provide a convenient location where voters can follow up on a particular deception they find interesting or important.

It's a sad commentary that a presidential campaign should be so shamelessly and gratuitously dishonest as to require an encyclopedia to track its deceptions and distortions. But here we are.

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