Friday, September 5, 2008

Marketside = Wal-Mart

If you care, Marketside stores are just a new face of Wal-Mart:

As Wal-Mart nears the U.S. saturation point for its traditional stores, the company has been forced to evolve into alternate formats. But Marketside’s distinct branding implies the company is worried customers have had enough not only of Supercenters, but of Wal-Mart itself.
Think of it this way: Marketside is to Wal-Mart as John McCain is to George W. Bush -- something you profoundly dislike, but packaged slightly differently.

Speaking of which, for those who watched the GOP convention and may have lost track of the fact as a result, the Bush-Cheney junta still occupies the White House. Republicans barely mentioned Bush or Cheney (or Afghanistan) in their speeches, just as Marketside's promotional materials barely mention Wal-Mart.

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