Friday, September 12, 2008

McSame: The Audacity of the Married Rich

It's interesting to ponder what John McCain thinks he's saying here about Americans and $50/hour jobs to pick lettuce. It's clear he's just repeating pre-fabricated cant that his handlers and funders have asked him to repeat, but at some point, if only for the sake of grammar (he long since abandoned the worry of self-embarrassment), you have to have some basic understanding of what you're saying. Does he?

"You can't do it, my friends" -- in what sense can't his friends do it? Americans -- the Americans who were born north of the US-Mexico border -- are in some sense congenitally, physically unable to pick lettuce for $50/hour? How so? Or is he perhaps using can't as a synonym for financially unfeasible, as in, his friends would simply find it impossible to make ends meet if they picked lettuce for $50/hour? How does that assertion coexist with the extremely large numbers of US-born Americans who do, in fact, make ends meet on less than $50/hour?

Chalk it up to the sort of thinking that passes through the head of someone who married an heiress, stands confessedly ignorant of economics, and doesn't closely track the number of houses he owns. Witness:

It would be funny to see McSame try that "you can't do it, my friends" line in the presence of Lou Dobbs. Dobbs wouldn't so much respond as devour McCain's head like a female mantis.

(via Yglesias)

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