Monday, September 29, 2008

McSame: The Audacity of Tiny Pie Slices

In the context of the actual scale of the fiscal mess the Bush-Cheney junta has created, John McCain's obsessive focus on earmarks [debate transcript] -- he'll make their sponsors famous, he will! He must break them! He'll drink their milkshake! He'll ask those punks if they feel lucky! -- combined with $2 is enough to buy a cup of coffee:

According to people who know what they're talking about, earmarks account for $18 billion, which is a lot of money in the abstract. But the relevant context is not the abstract, but the federal budget. The federal budget currently runs an annual deficit of $500 billion -- nearly 28 times the entire value of all the earmarks -- and the overall federal budget is about $3 trillion, or about 167 times the entire value of all the earmarks.

Cutting earmarks, whatever its rhetorical appeal, won't achieve anything.

This is yet another case where McSame demonstrates either an appalling ignorance of the matters he's shaking his gnarled old fist about, or a shamelessly cynical attempt to feed on (and feed) misconceptions about fiscal realities. Reasonable people could quibble over which is worse, but either way, the person behind it is unfit for the presidency.

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