Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Courageous Suspension

This blog post exists to announce that I am suspending this precious, precious blog in light of the ongoing financial crisis. Welfare for Wall Street before blogging, I always say.

Heck, welfare for Wall Street before kittens, butterflies, or breathing! But I digress. Returning now to my courageous decision to suspend this blog:

If you chance to see posts continue to appear on this blog in their usual volume and according to the usual schedule, don't let yourself think it means I am abandoning the suspension, let alone lying about the suspension. Suspending this blog is what's best for all, and it's what I'm committed to.

I am totally suspending this blog until our unscrupulous, reckless Wall Street overlords receive the succor, nannying -- and yes, it's not too much to say, love -- they deserve. Farewell.

This sentence doesn't exist. It doesn't exist because this blog, including this post, has been suspended. Nor does this sentence exist. You can't possibly be reading this because it's not here to be read. Stop reading suspended words! Stop it! You're behaving erratically!

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