Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Olbermann WTF???

Today in Portland, the usual time and place (Comcast channel 128) for Countdown with Keith Olbermann went blank for the entire hour. Blank. No ads, no visuals, no sounds, no rainbow test pattern, nothing.

I couldn't find any other channels that were throwing a blank screen during the 5-6 hour.

Then the channel promptly returned to life at 6pm, with The Rachel Maddow Show, as though nothing had happened.

Sure, I could call Comcast and ask. Or I could rip off my toenails with rusty pliers -- either of these seems equally inviting.

I throw the question to the internets: what the f___?


Brad said...

SOunds like a conspiracy to me. I've dealt with Comcast many times over the past two years and I can say a good poke in the eye with a fork is a lot more fun.

I've been getting my Countdown fix via iTiunes video podcast: it downloads at some point in the night/morning and I watch while I work. I'm not sure how they make any money on that, as there are no commercials in the podcast.

Dale said...

Maybe so, Brad. I dunno. I do know that the Olbermann show did re-air in its usual 7-8 slot, and it was the current day's program, the same one that was blanked. So obviously Olbermann wasn't taken off the air for strangling kittens or whatever. Weeeeirrd.

All that said, I am not calling Comcast about it.