Monday, September 29, 2008

Our Emetic Politics

Could someone please locate the hyperbole in Glennzilla's take on the bailout? I want to believe it exists, but I fear he has it exactly right:

Whenever you think that the Government has done things so extreme that it can't top itself -- torture, theories of presidential lawbreaking, a six-year war justified by blatantly false pretenses -- it always tops itself. On top of the massive debt under which the country was already drowning, another $700 billion is now being added in order to save the nation's richest individuals from the consequences of their own recklessness, allowing many of them not only to remain enriched, but become further enriched, all while basically ensuring that the Government is incapable of spending any money for years, if not longer, on programs designed to improve the lives of the vast, vast majority of its citizens -- the same citizens who are forced to fund this bail-out. That seems hard to top, but the only thing certain is that they will find a way to do so.
Grab your vomit pail and read the rest, and be glad you still have a vomit pail to grab ... for now.

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