Friday, September 26, 2008

Palin's Shortcomings, McCain's Judgment

To state the blindingly obvious: for now, the principle reason to harp on Sarah Palin is that McCain selected her, and this choice speaks to the quality of his judgment. For the longer term, the reason to harp on Sarah Palin is that she might become president.

Of all the thousands of politicians, business leaders, and assorted other muckety-mucks McCain could have selected to be his running mate -- plenty of them as pleasing to The Base of his party as Sarah Palin could ever hope to be, plenty of them as female as Sarah Palin is -- he picked this incompetent, bumbling, shallow, incurious fool. Andrew Sullivan has been all over this:

[McCain] didn't vet her, made his decision impulsively based on no real knowledge of her, and ... his first serious judgment as a presidential candidate was so monumentally irresponsible that it doesn't just disqualify her for the vice-presidency. It disqualifies him for the presidency.
Nor is that all, of course.

There is the blizzard of shameless lies coming from McCain.

And there is the stupefying spectacle of subject, verb, earmarks: McCain is either stupid enough to think earmark spending contributed in some meaningful way to the ongoing financial crisis, or he thinks Americans are stupid enough to believe it. So he's either shockingly misinformed or appallingly cynical.

McCain and Palin are manifestly unfit for the offices they seek.

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