Saturday, September 6, 2008

Politically-Connected Pastor Hates Us For Our Freedoms

Sarah Palin's pastor is named Kroon; Palin continues her association with him and his fringe, America-hating views; the rest more or less writes itself, so prepare to yawn or be shocked or both:

Kroon placed Zephaniah in a modern context, warning that the sinful habits of Americans would invite the wrath of God. “And if Zephaniah were here today,” Kroon bellowed, “he’d be saying, ‘Listen, [God] is gonna deal with all the inhabitants of the earth. He is gonna strike out His hand against, yes, Wasilla; and Alaska; and the United States of America. There’s no exceptions here — there’s none. It’s all.’”
There was a time in this country when pastoral associations could almost derail a promising candidacy, when the candidate associated with a controversial man o' god had to go to great and very public lengths to distance himself from the pastor.

You remember last spring, right?

But in all seriousness, if you think this means the McSame campaign and its assorted flacks won't bring up Jeremiah Wright, indeed if you think Sarah Palin herself won't bring up Jeremiah Wright, then you have vastly overestimated the level of shame in Wide Stance politics. They have none of that.

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