Friday, September 5, 2008

Reality's Liberal Bias v. McCain's GOP & Drilling

A very chalky John McCain delivered a bumbling and embarrassingly substance-free speech last night to close out the Wide Stance convention, but I was most struck by the pro-drilling chants originating from the floor. A reader of Andrew Sullivan's blog captured it very well:

The Republican obsession with drilling seems so jarring because it's a glaring example of either the modern GOP's disconnect from reality, or its cynicism, or both. Either a lot of them believe (despite all available evidence to the contrary) that the energy crisis can be significantly ameliorated by offshore and ANWR drilling, simply because they'd like it to be so; or else they think that this is could be a nice wedge issue aimed at the pickup truck set (e.g., "Those guys care more about moose and polar bears than they do that you're paying $4 a gallon for gas.). Or both. Either way, it's clearly a symptom of a party that has no interest in engaging seriously with reality.
The stupidity joined with cynicism displayed here invites condescension, so here goes: adults are defined as people who understand that only so much that passes through life exists in the yellow portion of the Venn diagram shown above. There's the truth, and there's what we want, and they have only so much overlap.

Setting up oil derricks on every spare inch of territory with a view to drilling our way out of high gas prices won't work. It's in the green, not in the yellow.

The diagram was created with this nifty web applet.

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