Friday, September 26, 2008

Registered to Vote?

Are you planning to vote on November 4? Are you sure you're registered to vote? Are you sure you're sure?

Oregonians can check here. The voter registration deadline for Oregonians is October 14.

Most states appear to have a similar online tool. Here's a state-by-state listing of resources to verify your voter registration status.

If you belong to one of the non-Caucasian racial classifications, I recommend you check this daily, especially if you live in a so-called "swing state" -- basically if you're seeing either McSame or Obama ads on your local tee-vee and/or hearing them on the radio, you're in a swing state.

Voting is good. Voting gives us the right to complain when our political leaders give all our money to Wall Street, indulge in indefinite wars, and teach us the sexual signaling of airport restrooms.

(H/T Portland Mercury)


Martin R. said...

Hmmm. It appears that I'm not registered to vote. This I find more than a little annoying. OK, you could make the case that as I am a UK citizen and resident who rarely has opportunity to set foot in the US, I should not be top of the suffrage eligibility list but have you any idea how much US election coverage the media has inflicted upon us over the last twelve months?
At the very least the right to wade in with a few random votes would have been some compensation but we don't even get to have that fun apparently.
"No media proliferation without representation!" I cry. I will be throwing a teabag into the harbour in Boston (Lincolnshire, UK) as part of my protest. Should shake things up a bit, I think.

Dale said...

Martin, it's not quite Wilberforce-ian in its courage, but I can tell right from wrong even from across the pond.

I stand by you.

Sadly, I have absolutely no effect on anything. I can't even convince my cats when push comes to shove.