Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday Fair and Balanced Blogging

Probably because I increased my running mileage over this last week, I was feeling unusually high levels of fatigue and soreness this morning despite ideal running weather. When running gets difficult, my mind starts to shuffle through the files to find something -- a memory, a reverie, a favorite argument, a story, whatever -- to bring inspiration or at least distraction, and to my own surprise, I settled on the POW experiences of John McCain as retold so frequently this last week.

That old fart really does have quite a story to tell. It required amazing physical and psychological courage to conduct himself as he did -- refusing to give in, denying his torturers their petty satisfactions, encouraging his friends. It's the sort of thing that makes the aches of a morning run seem paltry and trivial.

As far as I'm concerned, this country owes McCain -- and everyone else who endured anything like what he endured -- a sinecure, a house with a pool, and a free pass to whatever movies, concerts, museums, and state fairs he wants to visit for the rest of his days. Arizona's Senate seat isn't the sinecure I have in mind, but of course that's up to the voters of Arizona.

The presidency is definitely not that sinecure. I do admire John McCain for what he did and chose not to do while in the hands of the Vietnamese, but it doesn't qualify him for the presidency. We're deep into the weeds of problems that call for strengths and capacities that differ in kind, though not necessarily in degree, from those John McCain showed upwards of 40 years ago.

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