Saturday, September 20, 2008

There is Power in Cheese

Kraft, makers of the only concoction of macaroni and cheese my son and his classmates willingly recognize as food, is using its waste cheese as an energy source:

Two cheese plants in New York will turn used whey into energy in a move that will supplant a third of the facilities' natural gas purchases. The company also will avoid the expense of hauling the waste away.

Digesters at the company's Lowville plant, which makes Philadelphia cream cheese, and a string cheese plant in Campbell turn the whey into biogas.
This is good news, but honestly, I mostly wanted to write a blog post that included the phrase "waste cheese" in hopes that it will catch on and gain wider currency -- the phrase itself and the secondary uses of the thing itself. I picture a sea of minds at work dreaming up new uses for waste cheese; and as for "waste cheese," it holds tremendous promise as an insult, suitable for all ages and backgrounds: "You're just a big pile of waste cheese!" Somehow "your mama" sounds exceedingly week as a comeback.

(H/T Buophonia)

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