Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This post has nothing to do with Governor Palin.

Geez, I'm starting to bore myself with all my blabbering about campaign 2008. Surely there's something else to blog about in this wide, wide world apart from McSame's heroic decision to select the 9th caller as his VP pick and the VP pick's heroic decisions not to abort her various fetuses.

  • Has everyone been keeping up with Mad Men? We are entering ever deeper into the minds of characters Duck, Peggy, and Pete with mixed results. I'm a little concerned that Peggy is becoming schematic, an Everywoman embodying women's evolving status in the workplace, but it's excusable. Pete seems to be showing us Don Draper minus ten years, with a few different roads taken. Duck set his dog free in Manhattan? Isn't this how they enter the sewer system, wind up in people's toilets, and become the stuff of urban folklore? Last but not least, does anyone seriously doubt that Don Draper's wife, Betty, will be having an affair within an episode or three? Oh, nothing sets off fireworks quite like the double-standard involved in that.
  • Jackbooted thugs are running rampant at the Republican Convention in Minneapolis (more). I've received no word on the anonymous gay pickup scene that doubles as a men's room at the Minneapolis airport. Maybe I don't read the right conservative blogs?
  • Gustav was not as bad as feared, but hurricane season is not over and it's never a bad time to donate to The Red Cross.
  • A new web browser is afoot for some reason: Chrome by google.
  • This hyperlink will magically transport you to a video of a live performance of "Valley Hi!" performed by Stereolab. Go, watch, listen. It will make you a better person or your money back.


alexlady said...

sigh. mad men and tear gassing have taken up my whole day. I'm impressed to find a blog post that touched on both those elements at the same time.

i found your blog post thru CNN.com but i've been watching cnn or c-span all day and neither one have covered the police situation with the protesters, and i'm beyond surprised.

hm, re: airport cans, i hadn't even put that together! makes you wonder...

Dale said...

Alexlady, I've seen the same lack of interest in the protests and the police response. It's just one more case of the major media doing a piss-poor job.