Thursday, September 25, 2008

Treating the Least

This news item is anything but new:

Evangelist Tony Alamo was arrested Thursday in Flagstaff, Arizona, on charges related to a child porn investigation, an FBI spokesman said.

The 74-year-old founder and leader of Tony Alamo Christian Ministries was arrested without incident ... Alamo was charged under a federal statute with having knowingly transported a minor across state lines with the intent to engage in sexual activity, Johnson said ...

Over the weekend, about 100 federal and state agents authorities raided Alamo's 15-acre compound near Texarkana, Arkansas, and took six children into temporary custody.
Seedy happenings involving a preacher and kids in Texarkana? I'm familiar with Texarkana, and no part of that combination is novel. The nauseating predictability continues:
Asked why authorities were searching the property, Alamo compared himself to Christ.

"Why were they after Jesus?" he asked. "It's the same reason. Jesus is living within me."
WWJD? Why, he'd be brought up on child porn charges.

If Alamo is found guilty, and if word gets around the prison yard about why he's there, Jesus won't be living within him any more. And good riddance.

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