Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Trouble with Mt. Angel

Both before and after the Oktoberfest run today, I had a chance to visit the men's restrooms of Mt. Angel's John F. Kennedy High School, and what I saw there appalled me almost beyond description. Almost.

Although the restroom showed no signs of recent refurbishment, everything looked -- and smelled -- and was!! -- tidy, intact, and functional. There were no visible leaks or ominous dripping sounds. Hot water came from the hot water taps, and cold water came from the cold water taps. It was well-lit, and the mirrors were uncracked. There were no heavily-abused toilets left to challenge the tolerances of the janitors. The walls weren't covered with graffiti, the floors were not covered with soiled schoolwork and overextended toilet paper, not even a single Republican Senator foot-tapped his sexual longings on the floor of any of the stalls.

It was, in short, clean and well-maintained. All this in a public school bathroom? What the hell is wrong with kids these days?

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