Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Valediction: Cautioning Against Mourning

Never one to allow not knowing what the hell I'm doing to interfere with a good time, I'm serving as one of the chaperons for my son's classroom's camping trip over the next few days. My blogging will be sparse until at least Saturday, but I am planning to put a few timed posts in the pipeline to keep you six readers edified, stultified, and embarrassed on my behalf. A blogger has certain responsibilities.

So if something of world-historical importance that I'd characteristically blog about happens between now and then -- John McCain loses track and names a second laughably unqualified running mate, a glorious new Caliphate is established somewhere in the Islamic world and proceeds to ban smiling, a crisis in the world calls for the re-posting of an image of a man with a snake hanging out of his nose, the Pope reaffirms his favorite god's enduring hostility to knowing things, PZ Myers and Matt Nisbet kickbox on youtube, Andrew Sullivan or Ophelia Benson or Ed Brayton or Matt Yglesias or Norm Geras post something I believe I can restate and nitpick elegantly, someone outside of Ponca City mentions Ponca City, a Republican politician is discovered in the arms of a man he had previously only known as the foot-tapping undercover cop in the next stall, etc. -- I can promise to respond with nothing better than prewritten posts that will probably seem grossly inadequate, even by the low everyday standards of this precious, precious blog.

Come to think of it, would you be interested to learn that each and every post on this precious, precious blog was actually written eighteen months ago during a Ritalin-mescaline bender and pre-timed for publication? I would be interested in that too.

Until Saturday.

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Laura said...

Wow, he chaperons camping trips, too! Your many talents never cease to amaze, shock and awe me, Dale. Roast a few McCain-shaped marshmallows for me.