Friday, September 12, 2008

The View of McCain's Unreadiness

Earlier today, The View reduced John McSame to a smoking ruin. The View did this --- The View being one of those places where politicians flock to give light, easy answers to light, easy questions. Granted, the questions he got today were not so very light, but they were well within the range of what anyone seeking the presidency should have to answer. Whoopi Goldberg is no Charlie Rose.

If you can't handle The View better than this, you shouldn't be president.

Not only shouldn't you be president: you shouldn't be a community organizer or the mayor of a tiny town or the governor of a small state or a Senator or a fast food shift manager or someone who cares for a pet.

John McCain should go to one of his homes, put his dentures in their cup, and go to bed.

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