Monday, October 20, 2008

Also Sprach Palin

I am on the Wide Stance's mass e-mailing lists, and today that blessed my inbox with an appeal from Sarah Palin herself -- or I should say an appeal appearing under her byline but written by someone who can compose complete English sentences, the kind that don't, for example, use the word also as punctuation. The appeal opens with these dramatic lines:

If you caught my guest appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend, you may have seen an ad or two (or twenty) from Senator Obama's campaign.

This barrage of advertising is adding up to the most expensive negative ad buy in political history. And these ads are funded with the nearly $200 million the Obama campaign and the DNC raised in September.

With this new money, they'll only step up their media buying efforts to flood every network with ads attacking our shared values. These ads are full of inaccurate information designed to mislead voters in key media markets. [emphases mine]
I am intrigued in the absence of specifics concerning the nature of the "shared values" attacked and "inaccurate information" presented in the ads, a vagueness that is not matched in the prior paragraph's details of Obama's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad fundraising successes ($200 million) and history-making ad saturation ("most expensive ... in political history.")

To answer governor Palin's ghostwriter's implied question, I did not catch the governor's appearance on SNL, so I did not witness the pro-Obama ads in question. While it would be naive, at best, to insist that all of Obama's ads were scrupulously accurate, I am struck by Palin's failure to either cite the misstatements or link to a resource correcting the factual record. But the e-mail provides no such corrections, and no such links -- not to the independent, for example, not even to a McCain-Palin-sponsored resource.

I am also on the Democrats' e-mailing lists, and they do provide such resources. The Obama campaign's supplications routinely refer people to its Fight the Smears site, for example.

One gets the impression the McCain-Palin campaign doesn't actually care about the truth (an impression strongly reinforced by their endless lying), but are acutely and genuinely concerned about fundraising. They certainly do want money; there's no mistaking that. Does also go here?


Adam said...

Yeah, the McCain-Palin campaign really only cares about the campaign itself... not the issues. And while one could glibly assert that this is the case for all politicians and all parties, it is especially true of McCain and the Republicans, I think. I mean, look at what McCain says every time he's asked about Palin. He doesn't actually talk about her qualifications... he just keeps saying how proud he is of her for "energizing the base". It's like... great, she energized the base. But who cares about that if the "base" is wrong about so many things?

Dale said...

Adam, yup. Country first!

We have seen the work of The Base. If The Base embraces a person or a something, that's just about reason enough all itself to go running the other way.