Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Another McKinney Voter?

According to the glassbooth questionnaire, which takes into account both your opinions on public policy and your weighting of the policies, my preferences align with the presidential candidates as follows:

Cynthia McKinney: 89%
Ralph Nader: 88%
Barack Obama: 75%
John McCain: 41%
Bob Barr: 34%
And then I took it again a second time and got similar results across a few different questions:
Cynthia McKinney: 93%
Ralph Nader: 88%
Barack Obama: 66%
John McCain: 39%
Bob Barr: 35%
How about you? It's an informative tool.

I'm somewhat suprised to see that I'm aligning with Wide Stance John McCain more closely than with Libertarian Bob Barr. I think Barr is roughly half right, and very right on that half, whereas I think John McCain is wrong on damnnear everything. But in the areas where I disagree with Libertarians like Barr -- their cracked notion of "economic freedom" -- I disagree very strongly. So I am burning hot and freezing cold with Barr, which works out to a low but somewhat misleading aggregate score.

Yes, I have strong affinities with the Green Party on paper, but the presidency does not occur on paper, and electoral politics certainly do not.

(H/T Token Offerings)

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